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Eating to Live…attitude of gratitude

You may have caught the double meaning in the site description at the top of this page, "Eating to Live and gratefully helping others to do the same." This section of Eating For Nutrition is dedicated to one of the meanings of the initial part of the statement; Eating to Live.

This area of the site deals with the inner struggles that many people in the United States, and elsewhere, experience between food needs and food desires. Such struggles are a result of what I refer to as the curse of abundance. If most of us didn''t have an abundance of food available to us, there would be far fewer people concerned with being over weight or obese. In the presence of abundance, however, we have to have a balance between our physical needs and our psychological desires. Otherwise, we get the widespread epidemics of type 2 Diabetes seen today in the U.S.

This section of Eating for Nutrition is where you''ll find:

Tips for how you can change your mindset from living to eat to eating to live.

Nutrition plan examples that focus on food appreciation and thankfulness.

One of the main ideas that is at the root of eating to live and not living to eat is thankfulness. As Zig Ziglar stated, "Of all the ''attitudes'' we can acquire, surely the attitude of gratitude is the most important and by far the most life-changing." A constant attitude of gratitude can help to keep things in perspective and will certainly help a person to make healthier and wiser choices.

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